Who are we?

Who are the Volkis?

The Volkis are a secret club of volcano lovers whose members are Rocky, Lava, Bombi, Xenoli, Scori, and Tefri. Guided by Rocky, the most experienced Volki, they will start an adventure around the Earth and beyond, to investigate the mysteries behind the volcanoes.


Rocky formed due to the cooling of magma inside a magma chamber. Rocky is over 300 million years old, knows a lot about geology and loves music. Geology rocks!


Basalti was born from a basaltic lava flow that produced these unique columns of hexagonal shape as it cooled down. Basalti is passionate about photography and loves taking pictures during the group’s adventures.


Bombi came out of a volcano during a huge Strombolian eruption. Bombi’s memory is excellent and remembers everything Rocky explains about volcanoes!


Xenoli is made up of many olivine crystals and was born deep underground, in the Earth's mantle! Xenoli loves to dance and is the official pilot of Air Volki!


Scori fell from many kilometers high during a Strombolian eruption. Scori loves trying new things, for example, travelling to Mars to study Martian volcanoes!


Tefri is tiny - less than 2 millimeters - and loves playing hide and seek. So during this adventure, don't be surprised if Tefri appears in mysterious places.


Lava loves taking notes. Any information could be important to study volcanoes! During the holidays, Lava always enjoys adventure sports and to explore volcanic areas.

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