Recommended reading

If you want to continue immersing yourself in the world of volcanoes, here you will find different books that deal with particular topics related to volcanoes and volcanology, so you can take your knowledge about volcanoes to the next level! Each link has a brief description of the book so that you can choose the one you like best and which best suits the level you are looking for.

La Terra, un planeta inquiet - Meritxell Aulinas, Guillem Gisbert, María Ortuño

Synopsis: Throughout generations we have contemplated the same landscape. Mountains, valleys, and plains appear to us as a static reality in which we live. However, from time to time we realize that this reality may not be as stable as it seems: earthquakes and volcanic eruptions show that our planet is extraordinarily dynamic. Faced with these phenomena, we ask ourselves: can they be foreseen? How are they studied? Is it possible to mitigate their effects and live peacefully with them? This book brings us closer to the heartbeat of a restless planet. In a journey through time and space—from the origin of the Solar System to the present day, from the Pacific Ring of Fire to our surroundings—, it exposes the knowledge we have today about volcanoes and earthquakes. And it does so in such a clear and agile way that the reader will be immersed in a narrative that will reveal a world that is always in motion.


La Terra, un planeta inquiet

Los volcanes (¿Qué sabemos de?) - Joan Martí Molist

Synopsis: Volcanoes are one of the most attention-getting geological manifestations of our planet and represent, along with earthquakes, a spectacular way of releasing its inner energy. The fascination that we have with them is because some of them are so spectacularly majestic, and also to the enigmatic nature of their operation, as well as the highly destructive power they show through a wide variety of eruptions, many of which can have global consequences. This book explains the main aspects that control their origin, their eruptive dynamics and the risk they represent for society and the environment, and seeks to awaken the reader’s interest in the complex geological processes involved in the existence of volcanoes on our planet.


Els Volcans - Patricia Geis

Synopsis: Did you know that, on average, four or five volcanoes erupt every week somewhere on Earth? On any given day, one of the more than a thousand geysers in the world can shoot boiling water up in the sky. Every day, hundreds of small earthquakes shake the Earth, and once a month, a big earthquake occurs somewhere. This is the result of the boisterous world that hides the interior of our planet!