Links of interest

In this section you will find a series of links of interest to delve deeper into the world of volcanoes and present-day active volcanism. In them you can find everything from interactive maps with the volcanoes that are erupting right now, to websites where all the available information on a good part of the active volcanoes in the world is compiled, as well as photo and video galleries, etc.

Interactive map of active volcanoes and recent earthquakes around the world

On this website you can find a world map with the earthquakes that have occurred recently and the volcanoes that are active at the moment. The volcanoes are colored according to their level of activity: yellow for those that are showing signs of preparing for an eruption (unrest), orange for those that are on eruption alert or have little activity, and red for those that are in full eruption. And of course, feel free to explore the rest of the website, it’s full of information about volcanoes!

Global Volcanism Program

In this very complete website, you can find information about all the volcanoes in the world. It is part of the Global Volcanism Program (GVP) project of the Smithsonian Institution. Its goal is to document all available information on global volcanic activity (both past and current) on a single web page. In it you can find, among other things, weekly bulletins with information on all current eruptions, detailed information on all the volcanoes in its database and general information on global volcanism.