“Discover volcanoes: Enjoy with the Volkis their volcanic adventure” is an illustrated book in digital format for the dissemination of geology among the young ones (and the not so young ones) of the house. In a clear and entertaining way, through illustrations and simple explanations, the main concepts around volcanoes are exposed. What is the interior of the Earth like? Where and why do we have volcanoes? What is a volcano like inside? Why do volcanoes erupt? These are just some of the questions that are resolved in this book. The Volkis, a few fantasy characters that represent different volcanic products, accompany us on this journey through the world of volcanoes. Through them, the types of volcanic activity, the shapes of volcanoes and the main products of their eruptions are explained. In addition, the Volkis show us the cultural and economic interests that volcanoes represent in our society, explain the dangers associated with volcanic eruptions, introduce us to volcanic monitoring and review the most relevant eruptions that have occurred throughout history. These curious characters also travel through our Solar System in order to tell us about the main volcanoes of other planets and moon

This book, which combines illustration and science, is also intended as a support for teachers and schools. The illustrations and texts have been developed following strict scientific rigor, resulting in a final product of high scientific quality. The concepts, explanations, drawings, and supplementary material that accompany this book have been developed from state-of-the-art scientific knowledge in volcanology.